Kompas Kiosk
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Kompas Kiosk
Kompas, the largest newspaper in Indonesia is now available on your iPad,iPod and iPhone. Designed and made exclusively for iPad,iPod and iPhone. Kompas Kiosk application is a digital version of the famous Kompas newspaper editions. Enjoy Kompas Newspaper as the trademark of high quality journalism enhanced with rich multimedia content.


- Browse, search and read all articles as is in printed edition.

- Browse, search and read articles from back issues.

- Post your comment for the articles.

- Share articles via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail

- View extras photos.

- Watch videos online.

We value your feedback to help us improve this application. Please contact or email us at digital@kompas.com.

More information, visit http://cetak.kompas.com.

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Kompas Kiosk iPhoneKompas Kiosk iPhoneKompas Kiosk iPhoneKompas Kiosk iPhoneKompas Kiosk iPhone

Screenshots Kompas Kiosk for iPad

Kompas Kiosk iPadKompas Kiosk iPadKompas Kiosk iPadKompas Kiosk iPadKompas Kiosk iPad
MM Reader
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MM Reader
MM Reader is a reader for popular website makemac.com

"make" means using in Bahasa Indonesia, and combined makemac means "using Mac".

Started in year 2009, since then makemac.com has been the leading Apple community site in Indonesia, the largest and the most active one.

The website contains reviews, tips & tricks, how-tos, tutorials, and many more.

Makemac also held community event to educate, encourage and promote the use of Apple products.

Our mission is to convert everyone into Apple fanboys or fangirls :)

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MM Reader iPhoneMM Reader iPhoneMM Reader iPhone

Screenshots MM Reader for iPad

MM Reader iPadMM Reader iPadMM Reader iPad