iKamus English
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iKamus English
iKamus English-Indonesia is the simplest and modest English to Indonesia (and vice versa) dictionary app.
And now this easy-to-use app is available in AppStore for free!

- Offline mode (not required internet connection).
- More than 23.000 words.
- Simple User Interface.
- Alphabetical indexed.
- Translates word in English to Indonesia (and vice versa).
- Supports both landscape and portrait orientation (automatic)

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iKamus English iPhoneiKamus English iPhoneiKamus English iPhone
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Awesome minimalist prayer time notification app with for muslim brothers, sisters and also for not yet Muslims! You'll know the perfect time to arrange meetings and outings with ur fellow muslim friends :D

iman App is preloaded with accurate offline prayer time for
• Malaysia(source: JAKIM)
• Singapore(source: MUIS) - availabe in Pro version
• Brunei(source: Pusat Da'wah Islamiah) - availabe in Pro version
• Indonesia(source: Kementerian Agama RI) - available in Pro version

iman App is also provides option to use any of 12 calculation methods for any locations worldwide:
• Muslim World League,
• Islamic Society of North America (ISNA),
• Egyptian General Authority of Survey,
• Umm al-Qura University, Makkah,
• University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi,
• Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran,
• Leva Research Institute, Qum
• Moonsighting Committee Worldwide
• Union of Islamic Organisations of France
• Egyptian General Authority of Survey (Egypt)
• Fixed Ishaa Angle Interval (90 minutes after Maghrib)
• Morocco Awqaf Ministry

These calculation methods are also configurable with:
• Asr jurustic method selection (Shafii, Hanbali, and Maliki or Hanafi)
• High latitude mode options
• Auto DST or manual overwrite.
• Configurable prayer time notifications with optional extra earlier notifications
• Hijri Date with date correction option

Other AWESOME features:
• iman App is supporting accessibility voice over feature
• Compatible with 3.5", 4", 4.7", 5.5" display
• Comes with iOS today's widget, quick glance for today's prayer time - available in Pro version
• Qibla compass. The best way to get accurate Qibla direction based on your current position
• Qibla compass. Current location overlay direction to the Kaaba
• Masjid finder. Get the list of nearest Masjids and option to navigate with external navigation apps such as Apple Maps - availabe in Pro version
• Halal eateries finder. Handy to find halal restaurants when you're travelling and of course with options to navigate with external navigation apps such as Apple Maps
• Twitter integration that allows you to tweet on each prayer time
• Configurable notification language (English/Malay/Indonesia)
• Configurable Suhoor/Sehri adhan notifications (3 hour, 2 hour, 1 hour, 30 minutes before Fajr)
• Configurable Shurook notifications
• Optional starting of Duha prayer time notification
• Manual lat/long input for extreme places without GPS - available in Pro version

More goodies!
• Customizable app header, body and font color for iman Pro users
• Customizable prayer time list style
• We did mention about Today's widget right? Guess what? IT IS ALSO CUSTOMISABLE! :D
• Customisable adhan and additional fajr adhan notification sound.
• Pre loaded with Al-Mathurat
• Tasbih counter. Tap anywhere on the screen to start counting dzikr
• Option to change disatance calculation from metric to imperial
• Azan/adhan information
• 99 Allah's names
• 25 Prophets names
• 10 Angels names
• A minimalist flip-clock display. View countdown to next prayer time in clock mode

Whoah! And we will keep on adding more features from time to time.

For details on bugs, app issues, please visit iman blog: http://iman.adiman.net or just tweet to us

Our tweethandle: @imanAppTweet & hashtag: #imanApp

We can't interact with you in the app review to solve any problems/bugs occured so, just tweet or email us at iman@adiman.net and we would love to help!

iman App is also The FIRST Prayer time based on e-Solat JAKIM for iDevice in Malaysia. Win!

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iman. iPhoneiman. iPhoneiman. iPhoneiman. iPhone
Hadith Pack - English Indonesia
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Hadith Pack - English Indonesia
SALE AT 70% OFF !!!

Hadith ( Al-Hadith ) are oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad SAW. Hadith Pack contains the hadith collections, based on many topics (themes) from many references (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidzi, Asysyihaab, Mutafaq'alaih, Ahmad, Ath-Thabrani, Ibnu Majah, Ibnu Hibban, Al-Baihaqi, Al Hakim, and many more).

Available in two languages, English ( Inggris ) and Indonesian ( Indonesia ) that you can switch under the Options menu.

- Page to page navigation Shortcut.
- Auto-bookmarks.
- Automatic rotate option (supports portrait and landscape orientations).
- Supports fast app switching on multitasking devices.
- High-resolution graphic.
- Available in two languages, English and Indonesian that you can switch under the Options menu.

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Hadith Pack - English Indonesia iPhoneHadith Pack - English Indonesia iPhoneHadith Pack - English Indonesia iPhoneHadith Pack - English Indonesia iPhoneHadith Pack - English Indonesia iPhone