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Prove yourself as a worthy member of the Nias tribe. Fahombo is a unique game inspired by the exotic and mysterious tradition of Nias Stone Jump (Fahombo) in Indonesia.

In ancient time young Nias male will try to jump over 2 metres high rock, and if they succeed they will become a man and able to join as a warrior for war and get married.

Now recreated as a game, you can try and experience the thrill of the tradition anywhere and try to gain the highest score possible and compare it with your friends.

Unique Feature:
Play authentic Nias Jump Experience; Run, jump over the stone and land successfully as a mature member of Nias Tribe.

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Screenshots Fahombo

Fahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhone

Screenshots Fahombo for iPad

Fahombo iPadFahombo iPadFahombo iPadFahombo iPadFahombo iPad