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Learning Indonesian Basic Audio Language Lessons

Learning Indonesian Lessons
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Learning Indonesian Lessons
This application does one simple thing: Audio Indonesian Language lessons!

These basic Indonesian lessons are from the popular online course available from Shaun & Cici at LearningIndonesian.com. Learn from specialists in the Indonesian language, husband & wife team, and co-authors of the course. So, instead of generic materials pulled from a dictionary, you'll be learning from people who personally know and understand the joys & challenges of learning Indonesian.

Everything is suitable for beginners, all starting with Lesson 1.

* Study 20 high quality audio Indonesian lessons
* Learn through challenge & response methodology.
* One-button 5 second rewind if you miss something.
* Background audio playing supported on multitasking-capable devices.

The method is simple: Challenge and Response.

As words and phrases are introduced, you are asked to repeat them. As you progress through the lessons, you will be asked to recall and re-mix what you've already learned, fixing the material in your mind and developing recall of everything covered. It's fast, easy and effective. That's all there is to it!

List of Lessons in This Release:

Lesson 1 - Greetings, Part 1

Lesson 2 - Greetings, Part 2
Lesson 3 - Expressing Yourself, Part 1
Lesson 4 - Expressing Yourself, Part 2
Lesson 5 - Talking about Language
Lesson 6 - Talking about Nationality
Lesson 7 - Food and Drink
Lesson 8 - Directions and Location
Lesson 9 - Addressing People by Titles and Pronouns, Part 1
Lesson 10 - Addressing People by Titles and Pronouns, Part 2
Lesson 11 - Introducing Yourself
Lesson 12 - Introducing Others
Lesson 13 - Small Numbers
Lesson 14 - Telling Time
Lesson 15 - Months and Dates
Lesson 16 - Expressing Love and Affection
Lesson 17 - Ordering Food
Lesson 18 - More Food and the Bill
Lesson 19 - More on Drinks
Lesson 20 - The Days of the Week

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Learning Indonesian Lessons iPhoneLearning Indonesian Lessons iPhoneLearning Indonesian Lessons iPhone

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Learning Indonesian Lessons iPad