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Location+ , Multipurpose Location Data and Navigation Utility.

Need more information that you can't just get from a Map?

Give Location+ a try! Its a simple application that provides you with more advanced location information.

Settings icon, click to reveal buttons to enable the drawing of a path and to rotate the map based on compass heading.

Add Pins to the Map to get Latitude and Longitude for any location.

Twitter Integration, if a placemark is available, one tap and a photo will be ready to be tweeted showing your location and information ready for you're friends and followers.

Now with new SpeedView, view your speed in its own view.

Perfect for walkers, drivers, cyclists and the geographically curious. There is something for everyone!

Find your-
Direction e.g. N,E,S,W
True North Heading
Magnetic North Heading
Speed in MPH
Speed in KPH
Time to travel 1,50 and 100 meters
ISO Country Code

Note - 3g data connection required for best dynamic performance!
Note - Ipad 3g required for dynamic location information!

Please contact me with suggestions for new features or improvements, even just general feedback would be appreciated. http://jonathanfield.me/contact-me.html
I will always reply!

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