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Prove yourself as a worthy member of the Nias tribe. Fahombo is a unique game inspired by the exotic and mysterious tradition of Nias Stone Jump (Fahombo) in Indonesia.

In ancient time young Nias male will try to jump over 2 metres high rock, and if they succeed they will become a man and able to join as a warrior for war and get married.

Now recreated as a game, you can try and experience the thrill of the tradition anywhere and try to gain the highest score possible and compare it with your friends.

Unique Feature:
Play authentic Nias Jump Experience; Run, jump over the stone and land successfully as a mature member of Nias Tribe.

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Screenshots Fahombo

Fahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhoneFahombo iPhone

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Fahombo iPadFahombo iPadFahombo iPadFahombo iPadFahombo iPad
Jakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation
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Jakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation

App consists of ample information and functionality that any traveler would be passionate to utilize while planning or begun a journey to any travel destination in the World.

App Overview:

- User-friendly map interface
- Amazingly detailed and ease of use
- Interactive Offline map
- Online map with GPS Compass
- Find address of any location from map
- Incredible Streets view for real time images
- Map Directions from user location to Target
- Search Point of interests near you
- Weather Forecast for 5 days
- Emergency Contacts for safety
- First Aid information in case of emergencies
- Well-quoted Travel Tips from real time visitors
- World Clock to check the time difference
- Track GPS Route
- GPS Alarm for current paths
- Local Car Rentals
- Check nearby Bank/ATM
- Find Hotel around you
- Get nearby Doctors/medical assistance


1. DESIGN - Universal App, Compatible with iOS 8

2. USER LOCATION (GPS) - Anytime check and track your GPS location both on Multi-maps & Offline maps while exploring new places of your interest.

3. ADDRESS FINDER - Tap anywhere on map to get Location details, Address of Street, City, and State & Country.

4. GPS ALARM – This functionality keeps track of your target point set on map and alerts with an alarm as soon as you reach the target point.

5. TRACK PATH – It is always a good practice to keep track of our path when finding new routes or following trails on a remote land or parks/forests. This application allows users manage their tracks accurately and helps in easy navigation.

6. DIRECTIONS - Enter any 2 locations and find Route with best possible options (calculates Distance, Travel Time and shows route line on map including Turn-by-Turn instructions for easy navigation).

7. OFFLINEMAPS- Utilize Offline Map anytime, Works without internet.

8. STREETSVIEW - Explore the travel streets, attractions, landmarks, and more interesting places around the World through 360-degree imagery. A cool feature to travelers to experience the live view of eye-catching scenes anytime you want. (Note: Streets view is not available in a few regions)

9. WEATHER - provides current conditions and as well as forecast information for the upcoming days so that travelling dates can be managed accordingly.

10. POI SEARCH - Finding any kind of services near you is easy from our App such as Shopping, Accommodation, Transportation, Emergency contacts, Hotels, Banks, and ATM’s, Book Store, Bar, Gallery, Café, Bus Station, Car rental, Health Care, Doctor, Night Clubs, and Travel Agency etc.

11. HOTEL/BANK/DOCTOR – Find hotel around to stay and also find the bank near you for financial transactions

12. CAMERA - No matter wherever we travel it is always desired by every traveler to have zeal to capture the greatest and rare moments of people, events, things, monuments or nature into their application. And yes! Our application supports capturing photos, saving and Forwarding.

13. WORLD CLOCK – Find & compare the current location time with your home town

14. SHARING-Share your location, pictures, videos, etc. via Social media or through mails.


Some functionality in the app requires WiFi or internet connection
""Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."""

Screenshots Jakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation

Jakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPhoneJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPhoneJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPhoneJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPhoneJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPhone

Screenshots Jakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation for iPad

Jakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPadJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPadJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPadJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPadJakarta Indonesia Offline City Maps Navigation iPad
HighScope Indonesia
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HighScope Indonesia
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia is a national-plus school based in Jakarta, Indonesia, established in 1996 by Antarina S.F. Amir. The school is based on the HighScope Research Foundation Development curriculum, of which the institute itself is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Sekolah HighScope Indonesia's first location is located in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. At first, the school only included the early childhood program, and during its first days of operation, HighScope Indonesia only had 8 students. A second campus is located on the Aston Jakarta hotel, located somewhere in Kuningan, South Jakarta. A third campus, now closed, had previously occupied a house that was only a walk away from Pondok Indah Mall. In 2000, High/Scope Indonesia opened the Elementary program, which was previously located in a house in Cilandak, South Jakarta. They started with only one classroom, which doubled to three classrooms prior to moving to a new campus in Jl. TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, in June 2002. In 2005, the Middle School program was opened, allowing 5th grade students to promote to 6th grade, without even having to leave the school. The latest was the High School program, located on the 5th floor on the second building of the campus.

1. Academic Programs
1. Curriculums
2. HighScope Units
4. News
5. About HighScope

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HighScope Indonesia iPhoneHighScope Indonesia iPhoneHighScope Indonesia iPhoneHighScope Indonesia iPhone